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Waste of talent

Waste of Talent: I met Charlotte Roach earlier this week at Hub Youth Academy, a course which we are both taking at Impact Hub Islington. Take a leaf out of Charlotte’s book, go out, find someone who you like who’s doing what they love… and follow suit!


Whether its the beginning of the triathlon season or the wake of the London marathon, there’s a common theme of communication with me currently.

I’m wasting my talent.
When will I get out and compete.

Thanks for the backhanded vote of confidence. I, perhaps like you think (with one giant declaration of arrogance, that I will justify later) if I was in training I would be competing on international stages.
Noticeably I’m not in training (broken leg aside).
I don’t mean to disappoint but I’m going to address the above.

Firstly I’m not sorry to disappoint. Disappointment is an emotion felt following misjudged expectations of another. It is your problem. At my end, I have made an active choice NOT to remain in competitive sport. I feel lucky that I was in a position to make this choice. Many are not, I was almost one.

Secondly, I did not rise…

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