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Modern Philosopher Bigfoot Phortune Cookies

Happy Friday indeed!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Fortune-cookie“If you were to walk a mile in my shoes, you’d probably end up barefoot because I have enormous feet, and my shoes would most likely fall off your normal sized feet.” — The Man With The Giant Monkey Boy Feet

It’s been no secret, Modern Philosophers, that I’ve been going through some trying times of late.  Stress levels have reached dangerous levels on occasion, and when that happens, everyone seems to have a piece of advice as to how to make things better.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the words of wisdom, but everyone’s situation is unique and it always bothers me when a friend’s advice begins with “I know exactly what you’re going through…”

Not that my problems are unique, but until you’ve spent some time in my size 15 sneakers, you truly won’t understand why I’m acting the way I am.  Does that make sense?


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